What Will Happen To The Environment After The Global Pandemic Comes To an End?

Climate change is the ongoing rise of Earth’s temperature due to the increase in carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide makes up a portion of the atmosphere, however, due to the fact that it traps heat it has an outsized influence on the Earth’s temperature.

Due to the pandemic, people are not driving and leaving the house as much, which decreases carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The coronavirus has been responsible for the shutdowns of restaurants, stores, parks, shopping malls, and public places. Furthermore, there has been a lot of death due to this new virus and unemployment as well. Some people do not have money to buy essential products and there are countries in which the quarantine situation does not work as people do not have money to buy food and starve to death. Yet, the environment has been benefiting from this current situation. Nevertheless, these changes in this environment might only be short-term as many people cease to understand the importance of the environment. 

Regrettably, these positive changes the COVID-19 had brought do not seem to be long-term changes. After the pandemic ends, industries will return and people will keep living their lives as they did before. The main topic in conversation during this pandemic is how everyone wishes to return to their old lives; yet, few people think about how they could move forward and make changes for the environment. Furthermore, the industries will be operating as eagerly as ever in order to rebuild the economy, hence this will bring harmful consequences to the environment. Moreover, people should be aware of the consequences of greenhouse gases (methane, carbon dioxide, water vapor, and nitrogenous gas) and climate change on the planet. Bernardelli, the weather specialist, mentions how air quality is great currently because the indices of pollution have gone down drastically. Additionally, CBC News states that there are a lot of forms of carbon emission, but the combustion of fossil fuels is the most common and it has the largest impact on Earth. 

Despite the fact that many countries will return to their old ways, without giving much thought to the environment, there are some countries who plan to move forward rather than backward after the pandemic. According to the article “How Life in Our Cities Will Look After the Coronavirus Pandemic” first movers such as Amsterdam; Bristol, England; and Melbourne, Australia, are already developing plans that prioritize circular economics, climate resilience, and a radical intolerance of inequality. his shows that there might be a change after this pandemic and that people might take what is happening as a lesson. The author believes that cities will come back stronger than ever after the pandemic, but it will be driven by a new model of growth that focuses on inclusivity, sustainability, and economic opportunity. Henceforth, carbon emissions might be controlled after the pandemic.

I wholeheartedly believe that people should take this pandemic as a warning and to move forward taking more time to consider the environment, not only the economy. The human populations should take into consideration future generations and how not taking care of the environment might affect them. Additionally, people should think of wildlife and how they are affected by human action, such as combustion and deforestation. During this crisis, animals were returned to the streets and canals in Europe, which shows that climate change affects them and people should take into consideration their lives. People need to start making changes now in order to repair the damage caused by pollution and how humans increased the levels of greenhouse gases and emissions.

“Even before the crisis, urban communities around the world were demanding lower costs of living and stronger plans to tackle climate change”

– Edward Glaeser et al

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5 thoughts on “What Will Happen To The Environment After The Global Pandemic Comes To an End?

  1. Truly hope people learn from this tough lesson. Truly hope people learn that the world might be ‘ours’ in the sense of being responsible for its welfare. Truly hope people learn at last that the world needs us in terms of taking very good care of it so that there might be a pleasant future for the generations to come — not just human generations, by the way.
    People have been through other pandemics: and plagues throughout times. All of them have shown how sensitive everything that involves our environment is. According to the article, we can see that some very special people at some places are worried about what’s going to happen after we get back to our ‘ordinary lives’. Are we going to be exactly the same? Are we going to make some effort to make the whole world a better to everyone? ‘Everyone’ meaning every single living creature that inhabits this planet and has the right to enjoy a healthy patch of the environment — all of those found in both Animal and Plant Kingdoms!

  2. The text is very useful and full of content, I hope people understand the severity of what is happening and how it’s changing the whole world. With this pandemic, we were able to experience new things, such as home-office and more online purchases, that will probably continue to be used after the quarantine is over. These changes will make a big difference in the future in a positive way, with less use of cars to go to work and schools, which will reduce the emission of carbon dioxide.
    Even though we had other pandemics and plagues we didn’t have the technology and understanding of things that we have nowadays, so those pandemics were a really bad thing with nothing retrieved. With this pandemic, we could understand how to give our planet more time and with this time the new generations can try to save it.

  3. I believe that the topic mentioned is of great importance for all of us, humans. Taking care of the environment is essential for our own development. According to the text, human actions that favor economic sectors, usually do not take into account the damage they can cause to the environment. Other countries around the world began adopting measures not only for a better life quality of the future generations, but also for a greater biodiversity and lower levels of pollution. With quarantine, we could all experience changes in our daily life and see how the environment evolved also. We should start by thinking differently and worrying about what the future may hold us. Hopefully the next generations will be aware of the damage human beings can cause to the environment.

    1. Thank you so much for you comment! I completely agree that taking care of the environment is essential!! If all countries adopted measurements to help the environment we would greatly benefit from it!

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